You've got questions, We've got your answers.



      That's right, after twenty seven years we finally realized that we are perfect together. 

Where's the Wedding?

      The wedding and reception will be held at "The Gardens" at 3601 S.E. 15th St. Oklahoma City, OK 73115. The wedding will start at 7:30pm with the reception immediately afterwards. 

Do I really need to RSVP?

      First of all, Yes. Secondly, it's easy and takes two seconds, and lastly YES! We ask that all guests RSVP by November 26th 2013. If you haven't already RSVP'd click HERE to do it now.

Guess what, I took pictures at the wedding?

      That's awesome, and we'd love to see them. Unfortunately we will be too busy to take pictures ourselves. Send them to us, we'd love to seem them. 

Who can I bring?

      Your spouse or a date. We love kids, but portions of the wedding and reception will not be kid friendly.  

What is the plan for the reception?

      The reception is of course a celebration of the newly married couple's love for each other and for the lives they have begun with each other. That said we plan to celebrate to the fullest extent possible. Or at least until the groom needs to take a nap. There will be food, drinks, family, friends and dancing. The fun starts immediately after the ceremony and will conclude at 11:45-ish. 

What should I wear?

      We are just glad you are attending but please dress appropriately for the occasion.

Am I allowed to take my own pictures?

      Of course you may. The only thing we ask is that you share with us since we will be to busy getting married to take pictures. 

Where are you going on your honeymoon?

      Well the big new lately is that we've changed our honeymoon plans. Originally we were going to do a Hawaii trip. But it just wasn't working for us. So the new plan is to leave and fly to Las Vegas. Do a couple of days of gambling then head to Lake Tahoe. This is where I will repeatedly fall down over and over in the snow and Sheryl will become the next skiing champ. Then it's back to Vegas to win back the money we lost the first time. Now you know. 

Do I need to bring a gift?

      Everybody loves gifts right? But seriously, gifts are optional. 

How can I get in touch with you guys?

      Sheryl can be reached at Facebook or by Email at  William can be reached at Facebook or by Email at