Lots got done...

This past weekend we had a very busy couple of days. Bright and early Saturday morning we started the rounds. We went to a restaurant supply store looking for a number of things. We didn't find stuff like plastic cups and such, but we did find much of the bar tending items and a few other misc things.  

Straight from the restaurant store we went to BC Clark to find me a ring. We knew almost exactly what I wanted and pretty close to what it should cost. We found something even better and at a better cost than we had imagined. It's being sized and such and I pick it up on our Thanksgiving trip to OK. 

We went to Byron's Liquor Warehouse. We were told they had the best prices on any liquor anyplace. Well, maybe anyplace in Oklahoma but not anyplace kinda anyplace. We found they had decent prices on most things. We'd already priced liquor at our local Goody Goody and knew what things should cost. Most things were within a dollar or two of what we'd priced. Since we were already there we bought all the liquor except the Baileys and wine.  

Late in the day we went to chapel to meet with our wedding coordinator to finalize everything. We picked out all the things we needed to pick out. We went over how everything was going to work. We even managed to get Darrell in to look at the DJ stuff and to get him familiar with where the "show" is happening.  

Sunday we went over a lot of music and got that list mostly finalized. We also secured a bartender and went over how we wanted music and drinks handled. Than it was back to Tx.  

Today the invitations went out. Yours should be in the mailbox soon. It's been a very busy few days but so worth it.