Then there was alcohol...

The music playlist is mostly done. A little tweaking here or there left to do but not too much. This week we nailed down a lot of the alcohol stuff. We priced everything we wanted and somehow managed to fit most of what we wanted into our budget.    

Sheryl went to Goody Goody with a list of what we wanted. She priced it all out and we figured how much of what we could get. We are planning on doing a number of white wines, they won't allow reds, and a variety of mixed drinks. Alcohol cost can really add up quickly. Specially when you have to add the cost of a bartender and hundreds of pounds of ice in on top of the alcohol cost.  

In any case, things are getting close with music and booze. I think in the next couple of weeks we will be able to finalize those two items. Now on the other 100 items on the list. :)