The Cut...

We are, and by we I mean Sheryl is, narrowing down the play lists. We have a number of list. There is the pre-ceremony list for when everybody is coming in and getting seated. Then we have the ceremony song. Although our songs aren't what you would call traditional in style and genre, the are songs at the traditional locations in the ceremony if that make any sense. Then the fun part the reception list.

We started out with about six hours of music. We are down to about four now which is much closer to the requirement. Some good songs just don't make the cut. Either their meaning isn't right for a wedding or it's not a song that lends itself to emotion or dancing. It's sad to see those go.  

One last note before I get, the web site is now viewable to the world, even though it's not perfect or in final form. It's at least, kinda, sorta, mostly usable.