Lots got done...

This past weekend we had a very busy couple of days. Bright and early Saturday morning we started the rounds. We went to a restaurant supply store looking for a number of things. We didn't find stuff like plastic cups and such, but we did find much of the bar tending items and a few other misc things.  

Straight from the restaurant store we went to BC Clark to find me a ring. We knew almost exactly what I wanted and pretty close to what it should cost. We found something even better and at a better cost than we had imagined. It's being sized and such and I pick it up on our Thanksgiving trip to OK. 

We went to Byron's Liquor Warehouse. We were told they had the best prices on any liquor anyplace. Well, maybe anyplace in Oklahoma but not anyplace kinda anyplace. We found they had decent prices on most things. We'd already priced liquor at our local Goody Goody and knew what things should cost. Most things were within a dollar or two of what we'd priced. Since we were already there we bought all the liquor except the Baileys and wine.  

Late in the day we went to chapel to meet with our wedding coordinator to finalize everything. We picked out all the things we needed to pick out. We went over how everything was going to work. We even managed to get Darrell in to look at the DJ stuff and to get him familiar with where the "show" is happening.  

Sunday we went over a lot of music and got that list mostly finalized. We also secured a bartender and went over how we wanted music and drinks handled. Than it was back to Tx.  

Today the invitations went out. Yours should be in the mailbox soon. It's been a very busy few days but so worth it.  

Addresses Complete...

Well mostly. Last night Sheryl and I went through and assembled the addresses for invitations. I think there may be one or two that we still need to get. When you get yours make sure you come back here to the website to RSVP. Even if you aren't coming it's helpful for us to know. 

On another note this weekend is a big weekend for us. We are headed to Oklahoma to finalize many of the odds and ends at the chapel. We should have a good picture of how we are doing next week. Lot's of things happening.  

Then there was alcohol...

The music playlist is mostly done. A little tweaking here or there left to do but not too much. This week we nailed down a lot of the alcohol stuff. We priced everything we wanted and somehow managed to fit most of what we wanted into our budget.    

Sheryl went to Goody Goody with a list of what we wanted. She priced it all out and we figured how much of what we could get. We are planning on doing a number of white wines, they won't allow reds, and a variety of mixed drinks. Alcohol cost can really add up quickly. Specially when you have to add the cost of a bartender and hundreds of pounds of ice in on top of the alcohol cost.  

In any case, things are getting close with music and booze. I think in the next couple of weeks we will be able to finalize those two items. Now on the other 100 items on the list. :)  

The Website...

Today I spent some time working on the wedding website. The problem was, when you viewed the site from a computer, everything looked great. Our nav menu text was just as we wanted, white. Well when you look at it from a mobile device, it changes the layout. It puts that white text on a white background. The easiest fix would have been to either change the color of the background, or the nav menu text. But that wouldn't have looked right. So I spent the better part of two days trying to figure out how to get the text to be white on the computer, but black on all mobile devices. This is what I came up with... 


Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 9.52.23 PM.png

The Cut...

We are, and by we I mean Sheryl is, narrowing down the play lists. We have a number of list. There is the pre-ceremony list for when everybody is coming in and getting seated. Then we have the ceremony song. Although our songs aren't what you would call traditional in style and genre, the are songs at the traditional locations in the ceremony if that make any sense. Then the fun part the reception list.

We started out with about six hours of music. We are down to about four now which is much closer to the requirement. Some good songs just don't make the cut. Either their meaning isn't right for a wedding or it's not a song that lends itself to emotion or dancing. It's sad to see those go.  

One last note before I get, the web site is now viewable to the world, even though it's not perfect or in final form. It's at least, kinda, sorta, mostly usable. 


Tonight I'm busy working on the web site. The hardest part is not only getting an idea on what you want to do, but then getting the web site to look the way you though of it in your head.  

Sheryl is busy looking at, and picking out invitations and such. A single invitation at first glance appears pretty cheap. But then when you say Ok, now I need a save the date, envelopes, and postage for half a million people it starts to add up. This is why she's doing the money things. I don't do well with the "monies".  

Yup, we found the location...

Today we went and looked at The Gardens in OKC. We knew from pictures and talking to them on the phone that there was a pretty good chance that this was the place. Earlier in the week Sheryl's mom Rita went out the looked at it for us. She really liked it. So today we put cash down. We are pot committed now. 

May have found the location

Sheryl may have found the location today. There is this place Ashland Gardens, http://www.myweddingchapel.net/ , that we'd looked at online a few times. It looks very nice. Today Sheryl's Mom went out and looked at the place. She said it looks to be exactly what we are looking for. It's one of those places that handle everything for you. This is good since we are out of town. We are finding it very difficult to plan from out of town. There are so many things you need to actually see with your own eyes. Anyway, Sheryl's headed out to see it on Saturday. We have our fingers crossed. 

Mustang Community Center

This past weekend we looked at the Mustang Community Center as a location for the wedding. We had high hopes for this location. Unfortunately it didn't work out. On paper it looked too good to be true. It was close, it was within our budget, and it was in Mustang. Unfortunately the floors were ten different kinds of nasty, the walls were unfinished, and there was random foot traffic of sweaty teenagers everywhere.  


After nixing the Community Center we drove around and looked at a few churches. We later have found that most of them you need to be a member of the church. This is a problem when you live out of state. Anyway, I'm sure we will find a location that will be perfect.