William Hughes

  • United States Air Force network engineer with Secret Security Clearance and MCSE certified. 
  • Certified and trained in Lefthand SAN Storage Area Network installation and troubleshooting. 
  • Migrated aging BackupExec/HP Surestore tape backup to EMC Networker/EMC Data Domain DD160 disk to disk backup increasing speeds and reducing backup times by 65% as well as replicating backup media off site to reduce off site tape storage cost.
  • Move from and out dated Lefthand/HP NSM160 cluster SAN to a EMC VNX3 3100 increasing storage, speed, and over all resources by more than 40%.
  • Converted organization from an aging PBX phone system to an internet based VOIP system saving over $4500 per month in operating cost.
  • Maintained numerous ASPX websites using Windows Server 2003 IIS with virtual hosting. 
  • Skilled in Linux (Red Hat, Suse, Mandrake, OS X, BSD, and Debian), Unix, Mysql, PHP, SSH, SFTP, bash and Perl scripting.
  • Designed, implemented, tested and “Real Life” execution of disaster recovery plan to include colocation, mirror of data, deploy disaster response network, recovered exchange, mysql, MSSql and reconfigured all internet access and connectivity to include web, email, FTP, VPN’s and Citrix/Terminal services.
  • Proficient in the areas of WAN connectivity to include IP network design and management, firewalls (Cyberguard, Cisco, Sonicwall, Smoothwall, and Netscreen), Cisco routers and VPN’s.
  • Expert on internal and external name resolution using WINS, DNS or client based methods. 
  • Converted 30+ PcAnywhere stations to a combination of Terminal Services and Citrix servers. 
  • Converted aging and poorly designed NT4/Novell network to Windows 2003 AD. Continued through conversation to manage the Windows 2003 Active Directory Domain with more than 2000 users in 16 remote networks.
  • Designed and implemented a $700,000 corporate datacenter to service more than 2000 users at 16 locations as well as accept any foreseen future expansion.
  • Proficient at converting login scripts to domain group policies for maintenance, security, and management purposes.

  • Accomplished in planning and realization of email and FTP systems to include MS Exchange, SendMail, Postfix, MS FTP, Serv-U FTP, SSH2/SFTP, VSFTP and ProFTP.
A&G Healthcare – Plano, TX
04/03 – Present Senior Network Engineer / Networking Manager
  • Managed all aspects of maintenance, updates, repair, and implementation of over 80 users and 30 Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 and Linux servers.
  • Migrated outdated Windows servers to VMWare hosted servers and developed a rapid backup and recovery system for each.
  • Installed and provided support for a Tipping Point IDS monitoring external, internal, and DMZ networks.
  • Designed and configured a Lefthand NSM 160 SAN solution for network storage and replication to an off side colocation.
  • Acted as Move Coordinator to move a 30 Server Data center. This included coordinating construction, equipment requirement determination, and connectivity of the new data center.
  • Setup and provided support for a RightFax server reducing dependency on out sourced fax services.
  • Installed, configured, and secured SFTP/SSH server and integrated securely into Active Directory Domain.
  • Developed and implemented many network management tools and processes such as: a PHP/Mysql web application for managing tapes and their transport to and from an off site storage location, a PHP web based FTP automation solution to facilitate push/pull of data as well as encryption/decryption and distribution of PHI/EDI data, and an MS Access database and application to track and manage security access cards, their rights and changes.
  • Migrated 7 stand alone Linux servers into a Windows AD domain to include logon, printing, and full file sharing capabilities.
  • Performed database administrator functions for all FoxPro, Mysql, and MSSql databases.
  • Designed and implemented backup and disaster recovery procedures for a 15TB Network.
  • Installed, configured and maintained Cisco ASA firewall. Developed remote access and VPN policies and procedures for remote users as well as clients and the general public.
  • Installed and configured a Barracuda spam filter reducing corporate spam by nearly 98%.
  • Programmed and installed an enterprise Asterisk based PBX system and call center.
Dynamic Details – Dallas, TX
05/02 – 03/03 Corporate Datacenter Manager/Senior Network Engineer
  • Managed location move of corporate datacenter servicing more than 2000 users and 16 remote networks and all associated components and systems.
  • Implemented a series of NetScreen, Watchguard, and Cisco firewalls as well as a Cisco VPN solution to 16 Remote sites. This included site to site VPN as well as user VPN and Internet access control.
  • Charged with updating and patching monthly more than 60 servers corporation wide.
  • Administered 6 SQL 2000 and 1 Oracle 8.1 servers as well as data management. 
  • Migrated multiple server applications from Novell to Windows 2000 including Kronos, ADP and Agile Product Collaboration.
  • Installed and managed multiple Redhat Linux FTP and Email servers. 
  • Implemented Symantec Antivirus Gateway and Black Berry Messaging Service corporation wide for email security and usability reasons.
11/00 – 5/02 Director of Information Services, Value Added Division
  • Managed 1 local and 6 remote networks as well as their respective admins, engineers, and developers.
  • Designed and implemented all user policies regarding Internet, network, email, training, physical and network security.
  • Charged with configuring and maintaining the divisions Cisco routers as well as managed the various T1, DSL and Cable Internet connections.
  • Assisted in transferring AS400 DCD Data into Macola 7.5 for accounting and productions purposes.
08/00 – 11/00 Director of Information Services, Golden Mfg Division
  • Coordinated and managed company move of more than 300 users. This included all workstations, servers, and related equipment. Incorporated into this move was all access control, video surveillance and security systems as well as telecommunication setup and configuration of Nortel systems.
  • Managed network administrators, engineers, and system programmers for both AS400 and Windows development.
02/00 – 08/00 Senior LAN Engineer, Golden Mfg Division
  • Migrated NT4 Network consisting of more than 300 users and 18 servers to a Windows 2000 Active Directory Domain.
  • Converted AS400 printing from SNA to TCP/IP Company wide.
  • Designed and implemented 1TB backup solution for user and engineering data.
Dallas Manufacturing Company – Dallas, TX 
12/97 – 02/00 LAN Engineer
  • Supported more than 175 users in multiple corporate locations on workstation, network and Internet issues.
  • Provided basic code reviews for C++ programming department as well as managed Visual Source Safe server.
  • Managed Pervasive SQL, Great Plain Accounting and Micro-MAX MRP server and data.
Softouch Systems – Oklahoma City, OK 
08/97 – 12/97 LAN Admin
  • Provided contract Desktop and Network support for customer Oklahoma Gas & Electric, Nations Bank and Kerr McGee for the Oklahoma/Texas region.
United States Air Force – Dover AFB, DE
12/87 – 08/97 Flight Engineer / Network Administrator
USAF certifications:
  • Psychology of environmental issues
  • USAF C-5 Flight Engineer Certified
  • USAF Total Quality Management graduate 
  • USAF Managerial Communications graduate 
  • USAF Microsoft Networking graduate 
  • USAF Microsoft Windows NT4 graduate
  • ROI/Zultys VOIP System Management –Dec 2008
  • Viyu/Lefthand SAN Certification – Nov 2007
  • Secure Computing/Secure Computing Firewall Operation and Config – Jul 2007 
  • Cyberguard/Cyberguard Installation and Configuration – Sept 2004 
  • Barracuda/Barracuda Spam Appliance – Aug 2005
  • Comark/Cisco Network Security – Feb 2002
  • Ikon/Ricoh Network Printing and Storage – Nov 2001
  • Preferred Solutions/Microsoft Active Directory Security – Jun 2001 
  • Comark/Microsoft Remote Access Solutions – Feb 2001
  • HBR Technologies/Microsoft Intro to Active Directory – Sept 2000
  • MCSE – Dec 1997
  • A+ – Aug 1997
Metro Flyers LTD – Denton, TX
08/2009 – Present Corporate Secretary
  • Served in the elected role as Corporate Secretary for a small local Corporation operating as a flying club.
Proficient in the following areas: Cisco ASA, Secure Computing Sidewinder, Watchguard Firebox X550E, Firewalls, Exchange 2000/2007, Netbotz environmental monitors, Drobo Elite SAN, Linux, PHP, Perl, Bash Scripting, MYSQL, Microsoft SQL, Apache, IIS, DNS, DHCP, NAT, HP UNIX, Data Replication, Server Clustering, Server Failover, NAS Appliances, Mas 500, ColdFusion, Network Monitoring, Agile Product Collaboration, MS Office Products, Intel LANDesk, IPX, Novell, Dreamweaver, FrontPage, JavaScript, Microsoft Management Console, AS400 Rumba, Cisco Routers, Switches, Hubs, Cat6 and Fiber Optics cabling, RAS, RSA Authentication and NetScreen Global Manager.
References and salary history provided upon request.