So Brandt is officially in "There". He likes it, that's why I let him in, but it's "There" so I really have to watch him. I can't have him getting into anything he shouldn't. He's already kicking butt and taking names in there. He was making some chick wish she had never bought a paintball gun earlier today. Anyway, this last week I got one of the garages here at the apartments. I'd had one of the covered parking spots so this was just one step up. I'm not really going to use it to park in but I'm using it for storage. I figured I'll get some things packed and out in the garage. At least then when it comes time to move, I'll already have a lot of things down at street level. You know how I hate those stairs.

Final Test

The MonkeyMobile nears completion. I have a few thing left but the majority is complete. This is a pic of an in game test I did. I wrapped the graphic around my zebra buggy.... I'm the only one that sees it that way. Everybody else sees the zebra.


Monkey Mobile

OK... So this morning I started designing the new and improved Monkey Mobile! I need some input. What color should I make this buggy? A light color makes it much easier to see the monkey in all his grandness, but a darker color has a much richer or fullness to it. If I do a dark color I'll have to put a splotch or sparkle of a lighter color behind the monkey to get the contrast needed to have a sharp clear image. I also thought about doing some lightening down the sides for added effect, but I'm thinking on opting for a waterfall of bananas instead. A few scattered bananas toward the front of the buggy growing to almost completely covered in bananas at the back. I think Black or Dark Blue with Yellow bananas and a sparkle of Yellow behind the Monkey would be nice. I'm shooting for having the buggy created and input in the next week. Another week to get it approved so that'll put me at about a 2 to 3 week roll out on the Super Totally Awesome Monkey Mobile..... Perfect Timing!

Tech TV

I'm not the only one that got on the screensavers. Sierra_West got her pretty little face on there too...

It's not a real great shot so here's what she really looks like....



Why is THERE so much a part of my life? I'm having withdraw tonight. I had to drive to Wichita Falls to pick up Brandt. That means little to no there. I think I know the attraction but it's hard to say. I mean it's not like I'm playing battlefield or ut2003. But still it's a lot of fun even though I'm not really a talkative kind of guy (as many of you know). I've made some friends on there, and I brought some friends to there. I mean now Rachel and Lisa can harass me in the real world and in there world, NOT that I need any more harassment in there :) I've got friends in there are just for harassing me (and you know who you are!). And they do it very well. :P Anyway, I'm going to try and get things settled so I can get my fix for the night.... Asta La Vista

Zebra Flip Flops


This is a pic of some zebra flip flops I'm thinking of submitting in there. Let me know what you think.... It's T$2500 to submit and I can buy them wholesale for T$250. I'm thinking of saleing them for T$1000. If I sale my first 3 for that price I'll have made my money back. Everything from then is profit. Lemme know...

There Message Board….

Today I decieded to add a There.Com board to the message board. This thing has pretty much taken over my life so I figured I'd just add a board rather than clutter up the blog with it. Anyway..... So I've decieded that I've got to pull myself outta this little depression thing I've been fighting the last couple of weeks. I thought it was my normal PMSing that I do just about every month but I don't think so. I blamed a lot of it on being sick the last few weeks but I don't think that's it either. This week I'm going to get the house cleaned up and try to start back into my exercise program. At least get out and do some roller blading with Brandt or something. Anyhoo...

Game On Garth….

So I'm still completely obsesses with There... I took yesterday and most of today off in a way. I've been doing some serious exploration lately. Right now I've been driving north from Tiki. If Tiki was at the equator then right about now I'd be either at the north pole or just beyond the north pole. I can see the people on Tiki's name tags just at the horizon. It won't be long before I'll be on the back side of the planet. I expect to see a lot of water and that's about it.... My plan it to circle the planet at a minimum. Explore anything I find, which I don't expect to find anything. Right now my internet access is WAY slow. Down isn't bad but up is terrible. Dad is downloading a CD iso image off of the ftp server so my pings right now to anywhere are averaging over 1500ms. Way Slow. I need a break from the computer anyway. I've spent three days solid reinstalling this Linux server and getting everything backup and working correctly. I really didn't loose anything but getting the new system to deal with the old data was a trick. There were a few things that gave me more of a problem than others... PHP, Server Side Includes, Postfix SMTP, and a damn FTP issue that just completely ate my lunch for a day and a half. But if you deal with it enough, and loose enough sleep over it, you can eventually figure it out.... Anyhoo.... Till tomorrow, game on!

More THERE…..

So I'm still hooked on (Check it out). Me, the guy that completely despises chat is actually enjoying it. Of course I’ve been some really nice people, even if some of them enjoy harassing the S#1T outta me. Have cool people to hang out really makes it “a lot” easier. I think I enjoy the exploration part of it the most. I’m not very good at it but its still fun. I’m working on making some maps of all the locations I know about so far. I’m sure it’ll take me a while to finish but I may find other place as I make them. This week has gone by soooo fast, with the firewall change and the server crash I’ve sill got lots to do so I figure the weekend will blaze by as well. Anyway… I’m going to get a game or two in on Battlefield 1942 before I immerse myself back into there…

Monkeys really do make me laugh…