Who hurt more...

So last night I'm setting in the living room watching Oceans 13. It got to a quite spot in the movie and I heard this horrible noise. It sounded like one of my aluminum baking pans banging around. When I got to the living room I noticed it wasn't coming from the kitchen at all. It sounded like it was coming from the A/C unit outside my window.

Now there were only two possibilities of what could be happening. One, the A/C had decided to to munch itself and self destruct. Two, someone was out there right now stealing my A/C unit. So I ran to the office to get my flashlight. On the way to the office, somehow I managed to get toe caught in the edge of the carpet. Well this caused it to basically bend under and I managed to step on my own toe. I, at the time, ignored the loud crack of my toe.

Well I limped and hobbled my way outside with my Barny Fife flashlight. As I rounded the corner I realized that there was a third possibility as to what could be causing this noise. How about a big ass snake sticking half out of the top of my A/C unit with his head and half his body beating against the fan with a loud clank.