The beginning..

Thank you for all the thoughts and prayer during the last couple of months. As of yesterday afternoon my search is over. I'm officially employed once again. My first day is the 22nd, next monday. 

I first interviewed for this position back in March. I had three interviews and I felt like I'd nailed it. Which I did. They offered me the position and then realized they did not know my salary requirements. We were a long way apart. Even with me coming down, and them coming up we couldn't get anywhere near close. I had to decline. 

Flash forward to a couple of weeks ago. I'd been doing some consulting work and while I was out I heard a rumor that they still didn't have anyone in that permanent position. I reached out to them, sending them an email. Basically just my "Hows things going", "Just touching base", "Know anybody that needs IT staff" kinda email. Ten minutes later they called me. 

They had just the day before, put an ad out and were receiving resumes. I was told they would see if they could now meet my requirements and I'd get a call back on Monday. Monday came and went, no call. The next monday came and went, no call. Then yesterday, I was heading to the doctor and driving my their building, I thought to myself "Well, that one is gone".  Less than 30 minutes later, I got an email from them.  :)

They had two other candidates but before they sent them an offer they wanted to check with me. They came with their very best offer. It was just enough. With that and all the benefits it made it worth it. I start Monday.