Interesting find...

This past week I was driving down US82 and as I looked off to my left I saw something. A Martin 404 (N255S). Sitting out in the sun with the weather and all of natures elements doing there best to return her to the earth. After returning home and doing a little google-ing I found that I wasn't the first to discover this airplane. They have done a much better job telling the story of this aircraft than I could, so I'll let them...  

One Martins Fate

Propliners Off Airport N. America

AOPA Airport Info

Notice the 5 Cessna 150's and the Bonanza in the foreground.


My first view from the highway. Sorry for the quality.


Pictures from others.


 Google Maps. This isn't in the same location I saw it, but close. 

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One last thing I noticed. After looking around for "how did it get here", I notice a grass/weeds runway. What I didn't know until later was that this wan't a grass/weeds runway, it was 2380 ft of asphalt. Just badly overgrown.