Are you as tired as I am...

Are you as tired of Congress as I am? Well it's very easy to let them know how you feel. I once was that guy that would bitch about what our government did, but never voiced my opinion. Now I'm sure my congressmen and women have an email rule directing my thoughts to their own folder.  I think the change for me started with I started flying. The aviation community continually gets stepped on. Since we are a small community it's very important to shout a little louder than the rest of the crown. 

Want to write Congress yourself. It's easy. Simply enter your zip code on the House website to find your representative and his or her contact information. On the Senate website, simply select the state from a drop down menu in the upper right corner to be directed to the appropriate contact information.

So, if you want to complain about aviation user fees, or balenced budget, or him/her just looking goofy here's your chance. 

Poptart Info

This one is pretty much for Lisa and our Poptart conversation. Scary stuff...

200 Calories
38grams of Total Carbohydrates
19Grams of Sugar

And this is for ONE Poptart folks... count em' ONE! I can't tell you how many of these things I've munched down on over the years. Too bad I didn't pay attention to things like this before. Maybe I should have.

PopTart Info