More bad?

So I'm sitting waiting for my truck to be inspected. I don't expect it to go well. It's been sitting for two years pretty much. I figured if I get it all fixed up Brandt could drive it once on a while. I'm pretty sure if the tires pass, they will just barely pass. That's another $500. Anyway, I sit and i wait. Just me and my thoughts. This can't be good!

Who hurt more...

So last night I'm setting in the living room watching Oceans 13. It got to a quite spot in the movie and I heard this horrible noise. It sounded like one of my aluminum baking pans banging around. When I got to the living room I noticed it wasn't coming from the kitchen at all. It sounded like it was coming from the A/C unit outside my window.

Now there were only two possibilities of what could be happening. One, the A/C had decided to to munch itself and self destruct. Two, someone was out there right now stealing my A/C unit. So I ran to the office to get my flashlight. On the way to the office, somehow I managed to get toe caught in the edge of the carpet. Well this caused it to basically bend under and I managed to step on my own toe. I, at the time, ignored the loud crack of my toe.

Well I limped and hobbled my way outside with my Barny Fife flashlight. As I rounded the corner I realized that there was a third possibility as to what could be causing this noise. How about a big ass snake sticking half out of the top of my A/C unit with his head and half his body beating against the fan with a loud clank.

When it rains, it pours...

So this morning the termite guys are here. I needed to clean out under the sinks and stuff to allow them access to treat under there. When I was cleaning under the kitchen sink I noticed some sort of liquid under there. I thought some of my cleaners or something was leaking. No such luck. It's my disposal. I ran about ten minutes of water through everything with no leaks. When I ran the water and turned on the disposal it wasn't just leaking out, it was pouring out. What's a couple hundred more dollars, right?


So I've finally got the pool thing hammered out. The last couple of years I managed to get the water pretty close, but this year it's exactly perfect. Here's some Pics. It's the kind of pool you can swim in for an hour and even opening your eye's underwater they never get red or burny. I'm likin it bunches....

More Pics

I added some pics of my re-do of my garage. I added some industrial strength shelves along one wall. That got me a lot more vertical storage space. I haven't cleaned it up much yet but I did get a lot of things off the floor. I also made a work bench out of a 9 1/2 foot oak door and a bottom cabinet. I still need to find another bottom cabinet for the other side, but for now it's hooked up good enough to work.


One year ago Prosper didn't have a single stop light. We just got word this week we are on the fast track to getting a SECOND stop light. Now if we can just keep the cows from getting out we'll be a bit closer to being a real town.

Perfect Water

How is it possible? I haven't really touched the pool all winter. Sure I scooped out the leaves and stuff a couple of times, but that's really about it. I've been added chlorine for a couple of weeks now so tonight I figured I'd check it out to see which way it needed to go. It was perfect. The chlorine was just a touch high but that's good cuz it might rain just a little more. All the rest of the levels were perfect. Now I it needs is a good sweeping and a little heat. I think it's about 65 degrees right now. Anyway, hopefully we'll be swimmin away in the next month or so. Keep you fingers crossed.


So I get up this morning, its way early so I'm only 20 minutes late. That by the way, means that even though I'm late, I'm earlier than normal. I get up and stumble through the darkness into Brandt's room to wake him up. I stumble back to the bedroom. I flip on the spot lights which are pretty much my closest light source when entering the living room. So now I'm literally blinded by the light. I stumble back in to check on Brandt. As I'm headed back into the living room I notice the headless body of a rather HUGE mouse lying on my floor. ICK! We left the windows open last night trying to expunge the smell leftover from Brandt's "four and a half minutes with a honey bun in the microwave experiment". The screen doesn't really close all the way so evidently Leo had been out hunting all night. He had brought his prey back to his lair it appears. I'm just really hoping that he bled out all his blood someplace outside and not there on my floor someplace. Anyway, just wanted to share the ickyness!

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly…

First the good. Today I finally got around to hooking up the 5.1 surround on my computer. I fished the cables up into the attic, mounted the speakers in the corners, added extensions to the cables and fished them back down the other wall and into the computer. Let me just say right now Doom3 sounds COMPLETELY AWESOME in surround. I'm sure it's just a matter of time before the neighbors call the cops.

The Bad, we had to cancel my poker game that I had planned for tonight. We were short on ppl anyway, there were going to be between 6 - 8 players. We had a few drop out at the last minute so we just canceled it until next time.

The Ugly, we used to have this really nice ride between Anna, to Celina, to Pilot point. It was about 30 miles of nearly perfect roads with tons of twist and turns. It was a motorcyclist dream. Well they have decided to repave it. Now that means something different to txdot. I didn't think it needed repaving anyway, but to them repaving mean to put down oil and rock. This means it completely ruins it for bikes cuz gravel is a big problem. This also sucks for auto traffic as well. It may smooth it out a bit for about a week. But it only takes one day with temps over 90 to bring all the oil to the top. Now you are splattering this crap all over your car or truck. Not to mention the rocks are sticking to your tires and throwing them everywhere. Now after a month of wear the road is now worse than it was before they decided to "fix" it. I don't know what they were thinking. Whoever decided that this was a good idea has evidently never driven on one of these roads. They did the same thing to CR78 here just a half a mile from my house. A matter of fact they have done it three times since I've been here, last year and a half, and each time it only gets worse and worse. Idiots......