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So I'm off to a poker game in an hour or so. Do you think they have any idea what they are getting themselves into? Cuz you know I watch that celebraty poker show, so I must be good. I think they are really after me this time cuz I took over $100 from them last time. Not bad for a $20 investment. Anyway... Wish me luck!

The River

So last night, I'm in this poker game. I'm in with a bunch of dorks that'll take a pair of 6's to the wall, so it's easy money. I draw the dreaded 2 & 7. Well I know as well as anybody to fold that. I folded. By the river the pot was $120 on a .50/1.00 blind game. That's pretty big for a low cost game. The flop was 2, k, A. Still the fold was the right move. The turn was a 7. Two pairs now, it's marginal but with the money in the pot you have to figure someone has something big. The river... another 7. I folded the full house 7's full of 4's. This is about my luck lately. Well actually things might be changing a bit. I'll catch ya up on that later...