Fun Stuff

An optical of your illusion...


This is one of the stranger optial illusions I've seen a quite a while. It's easy. 

1. Stare at the dots on the girls nose for 30 seconds. (Took only about 10 ro 15 for me).

2. Look at any white area of your screen. Such as a white portion of your browser window. 

3. Blink.  

When you blink you will see an image of the girl. But it won't be in negitive. It's in full color.

My Evening...

So here I am. Brandt is playing the xbox. That means he's ignoring me. It's a teenager thing... :) So I figured the race was coming on so I figured I'd have my own little party. I'm sitting out by the pool with my laptop. I have the tiki torches going. I have the extra TV ( don't ask where it came from ) out on the porch with the race on. Ceiling fans are going full blast so it's nice and cool. The grill is warming up, the chicken is almost ready to put on and Jimmy Beam is keeping me company. I'm kinda diggin it... If only the pool was just a tad bit warmer it would be perfect

Out by the pool

Chad Vader - Day Shift Manager...

A very cool video of Chad Vader, Darth's younger brother, day shift manager at a grocery store.


P.S. Had to take Leo to the vet today. He had an infection, again, and had some pretty good fever and generally just being miserable.

Wow, that was quick..

So I play a "little" poker on PartyPoker. Well I used to anyway. I haven't played with my own money on PartyPoker in about a year. Just before christmas they gave me $25. The only catch was I had to play 250 raked hands to keep it. Well I did, and then more. Then in March they gave me another $25 with the same 250 raked hand stipulation. Once again no problems there. Long story short, I've ran this free $500 all the way up over $250, down to less than $5, and back again, at least a few times. A couple of weeks ago I lost about $100 one evening in hold em' leaving me about $25 or so. Well I figured it was free money so I'd just go loose it playing Omaha. That didn't happen, some how I held my own in Omaha. Well just a few minutes ago I figured I'd spend a little time in a $.50/$1 Limit Hold em' cash game. Three minutes, count them, THREE minutes is all it took for me to loose the final $25. Two bad beats in a row. I lost with a set of J's on the first and a boat Ten full of J's. I think that's enough poker for me. Well at least for today. :)