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Two Loves...

This video combines my two favorite loves... The song "Code Monkey" by Jonathan Coulton and hot Night Elf chicks....


For the past year, Jonathan Coulton has released a song every week through his fabulous Thing A Week podcast. He makes his songs available via the Creative Commons license, which enables projects such as this video.

Mike Spiff Booth is a Program Manager at Adobe who though this great song really deserved a video. This video is a tribute to Jonathan's amazing Thing A Week experiment and all the great music it produced.

Before you ask, since apes, goblins, and night elf receptionists don't tend to interact much in the wild, I couldn't only use captured game footage to make this video. Every frame of this video was composited together by hand using images captured from the WoW Model Viewer, WoW Map Viewer, and the World of Warcraft game itself.

No monkeys were harmed in the making of this film.

The song at the end of the video is "Big Bad World One", another great Jonathan Coulton song.

Gotta few spare minutes?

Gotta few extra minutes, check out this site. It's really worth the read. I think this guy has way too much time on his hands. The Sneeze

I really think this guy could be my long lost twin, here's what he said... "I'm simply not cut out for jail. Where I really shine is watching Tivo on a couch. As soon as you need me to survive a sharpened-spoon attack, (or even a regular spoon attack)-- I'm just not your guy."

M$ Vs. Google

So here lately I've been messing around with Micro$ofts Local Live stuff. It's kind of like Google Maps. It has this very cool "Birds Eye" feature. It's definatly something that I really wish Google had. Other than that they are pretty close to the same. There are good things about both. I did notice something interesting the other night. On populated urban areas M$ seems to have the most up to date pics. On the rural areas it's definatly lagging behind. Below is an example.

This is a pic of one of my childhood homes via It's near Sharon, OK. You can notice that everything that I remember seems to be there just as it should.


This is a pic of the same location using You'll notice that everything I remember is gone. There is also a new large building on the site.

Check it out…

Check out the new page I just put up... it's just a very short little php page. The API does the rest. It grabs the latest 30 images uploaded toLive Journal. Sometimes there are some VERY interesting things there. Just as a warning, some may not be safe for work or kids.