Flight Training, Info call and tour setup...

Today I made a call about getting my private pilots license. The guy I talked with was very helpful and was able to answer nearly all of my questions. Some of the things we discussed was financing, Scheduling, and their training methodology. I'm unsure right now if I'm going to be financing any of it. I have the money saved up but if they are offering less interest than I'm making right now, or even close, then I may finance a bit of it. I just hate to see that big check come out of the account all at once.

We also talked about when I would train. Being off on Fridays is going to help a ton. Basically go in and fly on Fridays and then study the next week for the next Friday. I'll also have the opportunity to pick up some more time either in the evenings or weekends.

So I've got a meeting for a tour of their facility on Friday. I'm sure I'll have even more questions by the time I get there. I'm one step closer.