Flight Training Update...

Today I went down to American Flyers at Addison, KADS. I got the tour of the place and got to talk with a few of the people there. I also started my paperwork to get things rolling. Basically there are just a couple of things that I need to start now. One, get a loan. I have the cash to do it, but it is a lot of money. I'd rather risk someone else's coin instead of my own just in case things go bad at work or well, who knows in this freaky world. Second, gotta get my medical cert. From what I hear they are pretty basic and shouldn't be a problem.

I also got set up for my first lesson which is going to be Friday at 1pm. Until my loan hooked up I'll be paying out of my pocket. It shouldn't take more than a week or so to get that going.

I got to look at their aircarft today. They have a number of 172's and one 172RG. I'm sure they get a lot of use and based on that use they look like they are in pretty good condition. Airplanes cost an ass load of money so you don't see new ones very often. I don't know how old these are but they all looked pretty good. I'm sure I'll find out more as time goes along. I'm offically starting to get excited.   :)