Something to keep me less crazy...

So I've been thinking of a project or something to do to keep me from going crazy. Here is what I've come up with so far.

First, let me say, these are just the bullet points. I'll figure out all the inbetween stuff at a later date.

So when I come home from work, I open the garage door with the opener right. What I was thinking is not working with the opener, but with the light bulb on the opener. It's always on when the door opens or closes and a little bit after it's finished.

What if I take some power off the back of this bulb assembly and convert it to something a bit more useful. Let's say 12 vdc.

Then run that power over to the back of the garage and into a ulrasonic transmiter and reciever. A radar of sorts. This device would allow me to "see" how close I am to the "radar" when parking the car in the garage. A small chip I could then do things when I get to certain distances.

I think at a minimum I'd like to turn on a light indicating that I was in a good parking spot. I'd also like to send a signal via a tone generator or something to a fm transmitter. This would allow me to have an audio as well as a visual indicator of my position.

So that's it. Sure I could use the current system, bump up against a brick with the tire, but that's not much fun.

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