Chapter two. Continued....

Today was a continuation of chapter two. Basicly at this point they aren't concentrating on take offs and landings, or even the specifics of legal aviation, but more of just the physics of flying. You get in your car and just drive right? That's what they are trying to teache to do in the airplane. Just get in and fly without thinking about it. I'm making progress towards that goal.

So today we flew north to prosper, of course, and did some turn climb and decent training. We worked our way north until we were near Sherman. Once in site of Sherman we landed. We took a look at all the flight services. While we were there we took a look at an old apache that was parked in the weeds rotting away. I've got a video of it that should be up shortly. We the jumped back in and headed to mckinney where we did a couple of touch and go's. It was pretty windy today so I didn't get to do any of the landings.
I've been assinged chapter 4. We skipped 3 since it's a sim lesson. I'm scheduled for next friday at 1. Can't wait.


UPDATE: Here is the video of the apache. This airplane is N1065P. A Piper PA-23 Apache built in 1954. In 1969 it was involved in an inncident where it lost an engine and was landed gear up in Plainview, TX. I'm sure it was fixed up and lived a long life. At some point it was parked at Sherman Muni where it's set for what appears to be a number of years. The current cert was issued in 2008 so I know that someone know's it's there. I'm guessing they just don't care.  :(