I'm makin a list, checking it twice...

And it has nothing to do with anybody being naughty or nice. I'm doing a christmas list. In the side bar of this site you can find my amazon wish list. But as we sadly know, not everything in the world is on amazon. So here is a list that I'll keep up to date that is other things I'd like that aren't on amazon.


$104.95  Aviation Headset Portable Music Adapter

$34.95  Aircraft Intercom Recording Cable

$2199  Just in case price is no object Garmin Aera 560

$59.95 Deluxe Zuluboard  (Not sure I'm crazy about the one I have)

$99.00 Zuluworks Gazelle Flight Bag

$99.99 Logten Pro 5

$304.00 Icom IC-A24 Nav/Com Transceiver

My Amazon Wish List