X-Plane Update...

This morning I made the flight in a Piper Malibu from Oklahoma City(KOKC) to Denver(KDEN). It was pretty uneventful. I had a generator button malfunction but other than that it was a nice flight.

Tonight I was going to make a little hop from Denver to Boulder Muni(KBDU) just to be a little closer to the mountains. The weather was looking pretty bad but I figured it was only 28 miles. I had 2 degrees C and heavy rain. Knowing that standard day you loose 2 degrees C for every 1,000 ft of altitude I knew there was going to be some serious icing. Well it's a simulator so I guess it's OK to take a few more chances.

I took off from Denver with my malfunctioning   generator button and headed NW. I tried to go as fast as possible and keep my alt low to limit the icing. Literally just minutes after take off I started having issues. Less than two minutes after TO I hate the anti-ice in the prop fail. That's when I knew I needed to do anything. I had already flown through some pretty heavy stuff and I was just over half way so I turning back wasn't really an option. I decided to continue.

I was just coming up on Erie Muni(KEIK) when the plane got really mushy and I iced the pitot completely casuseing some crazy indications. Visabiltiy was near zero and making it to Boulder was looking ugly. I decided to land short at Erie Muni just to be safe. I hate crashing even in a simulator.

Luckily I had sight of the runway so I just locked on to it, declared an emergency, and landed with out incident.