So I've been surfing around...

I stumbled across crash data from the C-5 that crashed at Dover a while back. I'm not sure what the official "cause" was, but I'm sure it was pilot error with the mis-handling of the 3 engine landing. There were a couple of mistakes I noticed, but as usual it's not just one thing going wrong, it's many things at once. I think the last straw was the switching of the #2 and #3 throttle. This turned a mis-handled three engine landing into a horribly mis-handled two engine HEAVY landing. Pretty sad to put a perfectly flyable aircraft on the ground like that.


Very cool video of a BAE Hawk after taking a bird strike. Notice how calm they are as they gain altitude, attempt a restart, point the acft to a crash location, talk to the tower and eject.

Interesting video of a 757 taking a bird strike and then coming around for a emergency landing.

Super awesome video of an emergency landing. Skill or crazy luck, you call it.

Cool video of a landing on a very short and tight runway. This is at Princess Juliana Int.

F-16 "dead stick" landing. I guess that's a pretty big issue in a single engine aircraft.

Interesting video of a guy in a car flying an RC Airplane through a very long tunnel.

Video of a guy flying a 4 engine electric RC inside a small gym type building.

Video recorded from an RC flight over the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL.

Short runway, big aircraft. Do the math...

VERY large 4 eng RC aircraft. It's a nice one as well.