Veritas Driver/Windows Update

This morning I was updating my backup server. This server is running Veritas Backup Exec 10d on a Windows 2000 Adv Svr attached to a HP LTO 3 Ultrium Autoloader 1/8. I was doing my updates via MS update. I ran the update "Driver update for Hewlett Packard LTO Ultrium-3 drive".

After the update I noticed two issues. The first was the sql srv as well as all dependency type services, "backup exec", would not start automatically. I started them manually and they started fine. After they started I noticed the tape drive itself showed off line and would not respond. The autoloader seemed fine.

I attempted a complete power down and restart of the server and the autoloader. No dice... I attempted to uninstall the one windows update. No luck there either. In device manager the drive was showing an issue "Yellow !". I told it to search for an updated driver and it did find one. That two did not fix it. Same symptoms.

To finally fix the issue I simply ran tapeinst.exe to reinstall the orginal Veritas drivers. I did not do an uninstall I just told it to use the original drivers. It installed drivers for just the drive. After a reboot I was able to inventory, unlock, and backup normally.