Leo and the birds…

So here is the story of Leo and the birds. A few weeks ago I noticed that Leo would sit at the window and look outside. You open the door for him to go out, he wouldn't. Not during the day anyway. I noticed when I let him out in the evening, he was all crouched down and sneaking around. I thought this was strange.

One day he did manage the courage to go outside in the daylight. I immediately knew why he was such a scardy cat. There were two "Blue Jay's" I suppose, that were basically dive bombing him. Over and over. At one point they had him pinned down behind the deck. I went out to rescue him. They then proceeded to dive bomb me. I was a little bigger target and with the addition of a tennis racket a formidable opponent.

A few nights ago, I was out "swimming" in the pool about ten o'clock or so. Here comes Leo. I knew something was up cuz he was meowing very strangely. It was dark so all I could see was his shadow. Then a small portion of his shadow ran off trying to get away from the big part of his shadow. He proceeds to chase down the small shadow and bring it to me as a gift. A live, still squirming mouse that I will from here on refer to as the "Rat". He was pretty big. I splashed Leo back a bit. He played with him until all the "fun" was gone outta him. At which point I wrapped up in my towel and headed off to get the rat shovel for disposal purposes.

Two nights ago Leo was out late. I was on the phone. I heard Leo come in through his kitty door. Then I heard this same strange meow. I knew exactly what was up as soon as I heard that. I of course had to run through my emergency phone hang up procedures. I found he didn't have another rat but this time a bird. I didn't think much of it. I pried the bird outta his mouth and scooped him up with the rat disposal shovel.

Last night I called for Leo about ten times before I went to bed. He didn't want to come it or wasn't around. So I went to bed with him still outside. About 3am or so I got up and opened the door. As soon as i whistled for him he came a running. This morning I walked out on the back porch to check the pool water. What do you think I almost stepped on, another dead bird, or at least what was left of it. Once again the rat disposal shovel came to the rescue.

Now what I'm wondering, was this Leo just taking revenge on the bully birds? Maybe the rat was just practice.