Birds and Aircraft don’t mix…

So I'm out for a little local ILS training in X-Plane. I'm taking off to the south out of Addison (KADS) towards downtown Dallas. On take off roll I notice a large flock of birds dirfting towards the runway. Well, you know what happened next... Pictures below. Then with all the carnage out of the way I start a little practice. I'm flying ILS 15 at addision and what do you think I see on short final. Birds, this time I was able to execute a missed approach. I stayed in the pattern and landed with out incident. I parked it for the evening.

Just after take off and passing through the birds.

Just after take off and passing through the birds.

Still in flight after taking bird strike. Trying to acessing the situation.

After landing. Lost all engine power at about 50 feet AGL. Luckily I had about 80 KIAS.

Birds over threshold on short final. Declaring missed approach.

Another short final pic. Thinking of landing short. Ultimatly I continued to go around. Best choice I'm pretty sure.