Wow, that was quick..

So I play a "little" poker on PartyPoker. Well I used to anyway. I haven't played with my own money on PartyPoker in about a year. Just before christmas they gave me $25. The only catch was I had to play 250 raked hands to keep it. Well I did, and then more. Then in March they gave me another $25 with the same 250 raked hand stipulation. Once again no problems there. Long story short, I've ran this free $500 all the way up over $250, down to less than $5, and back again, at least a few times. A couple of weeks ago I lost about $100 one evening in hold em' leaving me about $25 or so. Well I figured it was free money so I'd just go loose it playing Omaha. That didn't happen, some how I held my own in Omaha. Well just a few minutes ago I figured I'd spend a little time in a $.50/$1 Limit Hold em' cash game. Three minutes, count them, THREE minutes is all it took for me to loose the final $25. Two bad beats in a row. I lost with a set of J's on the first and a boat Ten full of J's. I think that's enough poker for me. Well at least for today. :)