Stupid people are really dumb!

So check this out...  Tonight I'm headed home. I'm on a road that is 6 lanes that merge into 2. I'm being a good boy driving along in my right lane cuz I know the other two are about to end. I notice this red Dodge truck coming up on my pretty fast. He's in the center lane. At this point we are all pretty much bumber to bumber in the right lane and I'm thinking to myself that someone up there is going to have to let this ass in. But I don't know if he knew that anybody needed to let him in. He just merge right on over into this brown Chevy truck. He bounced off this Chevy and into the center guardrail. He bounced off that and kept going. I waited until the guy that got hit was out of the way and then I continued on my way. Thinking this was a fairly minor accident It wasn't really needed for me to stop. I was thinking that this guy was just going down to the next crossover and turn around. He wasn't. I was a few cars behind him but when I saw him not stopping I hauled ass to catch up with him. I got behind him right as we came up to a stop light. It was red of course. He blew right through that making a right hand turn. Luckily there wasn't much traffic coming so I came right along with him. By this time I'm getting 911 on the phone. When we stopped at a red light he couldn't run I was able to get 911 a description of the truck, the guy driving, his tag, our location and direction. The 911 operator asked if I could follow him. I told her as long as I could do it safely I'd be right behind him. We continued through the light. As we approached another light, He and I were in the center lane, another witness pulled up next to me to ask if I was on the phone to 911 about this guy. I said yes and he continued to follow from the right lane. We stopped a another light. This time there was no traffic in front of us. our light was red but as the turn lane changed to green he pulled out and made a left turn across two lanes of traffic. As soon as the traffic clearned I turned to follow him. The other witness had no choice but to continue. By this time I'm pretty sure he knows I'm behind him. He's now doing about 70 down residential type 6 lane roads. I told the 911 operator that I was fine now since there was no traffic but I might have to bail if he got really crazy. About that time we were coming up to another red light where there was a number of cars stopped. I'm not sure if it was the speed, misjudgement, or him paying attention to me but he crashed a second time into the back of an SUV. The SUV driver just stopped right there with him on his bumber. I pulled up behind him to block him off. It was about that time the cops pulled up and made the stop. They pulled him out just looking for a reason to jack him up. It was at this point that I realized that the guy was either drunk or stoned. He wasn't living in the same world as you or I. Just a minute or two more and the second witness pulled up. He was in just about as much shock as I was. I also overheard that he had insurance but it was expired. I gave my statement and pretty much left from there.