Am I getting anal retentive?

Am I getting anal retentive in my old age or what? Yesterday I was watching the NASCAR race and any good citizen should be doing. I wasn't paying much attention because they were introducing Kurt Bush. In the background, I heard his intro music. It was music sampled into some crap rap music but it reminded me that I really liked that song.

Anyway, I was now on a mission, a mission from god if you will. I had to find that song. Of course there aren't any lyrics to google and I'm not really good at singing instrumentals for anyone else to help me. I knew it had some trumpet in it, so I started looking that direction. I first bought and downloaded Chuck Mangione's Greatest Hits. I was hoping it was on that. No such luck. Then I bought and downloaded Herb Alpert's Definitive Collection. Strike two! After listening to my own music I was finally ready to give up after a couple of hours wasted. I figured I would eventually hear it someplace and remember where I had heard it.

So I had moved on and completely forgot about, AT LAST, and then this afternoon I was watching cartoons, as usual, and there was a commercial for that movie Cars from Pixar. Sure enough, in the background they were playing that song. At least this time I was able to Tivo it. So ya know the first thing I did was pull up the Cars soundtrack on Amazon. Nothing looked familiar on the album. I was just about ready to buy that one as well, and then something clicked. I played back the snippet of the song. It was a bit longer than the first one I heard and it had just enough to trigger something. I remembered it was from a movie, a John Travolta movie. I couldn't remember the name but then I finally remembered it was a Quentin Tarentino flick. Now I had enough to google and found Pulp Fiction. I was pretty sure about my third album purchase in the past two days. Sure enough the first track, Misirlou, there it was.

If I would have heard the guitar I would have been able to pin it to Dickey Dale or at least another Surf Rock artist, but everything I heard was the trumpet part. Well needless to say it lead me down the wrong road. What I don't understand is I'm 100% sure I had this CD. Everything I got is MP3'd and it's not in my MP3's. I'm wondering if I lost this CD in the divorce. Well I guess I was able to get some good music out of the deal anyway. A couple of weeks ago I spent about 3 or 4 hours looking for the title, artist, and album for a song that ended up being "Swing the mood" by "Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers". Well I guess I'll be able to get some sleep tonight not worrying about it. At least until the next one.