The Gaurdians

So the other day, me and a few friends of mine were playing Halo 2... It was all fun and games, I was winning by a significant amount. But then I stumbled across an odd glitch... I was playing on a certain level, right, well, there is this bridge on this level. It is broken up in the middle, some beams laying around and a giant piece of the bridge out in the open. I was just messing around, and I jumped onto this piece of the bridge. Directly infront of me, there was a wall to a building, right, well there was also a window that looked easily accessable. So I ran full speed and jumped at it, hoping I would safely land inside and go pwn some people. I hit a spot just above the window and fell straight down, then I hit the bottom edge of the window on the way down. This made me land on the ground a few feet away from the wall, everything was fine and I didn't loose any health. But then it happened, I was sucked inbetween the wall and the ground and fell into an infinite abyss. Text appeared at the top of the screen and it said "Killed By The Gaurdians". Freaked me out... I had never experienced it, but it supposedly happens quite often when you get into very weird scenarios. Two of my friends were attacking each other (melee attacks), and died at the exact same time, neither of them got credit for the kill, yet once again the Gaurdians struck and the text reappeared. That was my experience with the Gaurdians.