Crazy Luck

I have had amazing luck lately... I haven't been on the computer for a couple of days, so I couldn't really talk about it then. A month or so back, I had won one of those contests that you can find when you go and buy a bottle of coke... They say 1 in 12 win a free 1-Liter of coke. So anyways, a month or so ago, I had won one of these competitions after trying about 20 times or whatnot. Three days ago, I had gotten a bottle of coke from the CircleK or something to that extent, and I won again... I knew something was going on, but it could just be the miracles of Christmas, because two days ago (Christmas) my mom's boyfriend (name's Ed, real nice guy) and one of his kids went to go get some drinks. They got me a coke and I won again! Three times, almost in a row, but I haven't won since then (granted I've only tried once more, and Jarrett actually opened it before I did).