New Project

So I have very low moral at work now adaze, thus this is the result of that moral... I used to have this web site I went to in order to find airplane pics, wallpaper, and such. It was a page where every time you load it up it would display random pictures from Google. Well this site disappeared for a while and has been up and down a few times over the years, so I decided to write my own. I did something similar by pulling images from LiveJournal here That is ok but not the greatest. I was able to get the original code of the page. That was in JavaScript. Since I'm not a whiz at JavaScript I decided to re-write it in php. Here's the code just in case anyone wants it. It's not quality code I know, but works none the less. Check it out and let me know what you think. Refresh the page for a whole new batch of pics. I'll probably tweak it a bit over the next week or two. BTW, this may display images that are not safe for work or children.

This was basically a pretty easy page.
1. Randomly choose a file naming convention format. This is different for each camera manufacture.
2. Create a giant case statement. Each case is a naming convention format.
3. In each case, randomly generate digits to format into a file name.
4. Copy that filename into a google search url.
5. Output html for a frame page and set the lower from to the google url.

*I tried to do an include to include the google html into my page. This didn't work because of the absolute paths in the google page.
*Many of the naming formats contained dates. Most of these are easy. Years were limited to 2004-2006. Months in many were hex vaules between 1 and C. A few had other options such as size. I choose large.
*There are many other settings and functions that I can add, but that will be a bit later. Maybe next time I get bored.