So I can hardly walk now. I had softball practice tonight and my shins are FRIGGIN KILLING me! They hurt a little bit last week, but I think the fact that my arm were actually bleeding from throwing so much made my shins seem inconsequential. Now this week my arm is all healed up so I notice them more. Anyway, I did very well. My fielding of course needs improvement, but I saw a lot of improvement over last week. My batting was solid. I did manage a in the field home run with a little help from our lack of fielding of course. :) We are kind of like the Bad News Bears, only with more cursing. :P

On another note, I've been having a lot of luck on the Xbox. Some of it good, some bad. Luckily enough for me I've learned a lot on the way. I actually hosed my drive over the weekend but I had learned enough to be able to recover it. I've gotten many things that didn't work on the original modded box to work. I certainly don't know everything but I'm pretty confident about the things I did learn. I don't really know how this will help me in life, career, or love, but if you know a hot blonde that needs to hire someone, a date as well as a knowledge of softmodding an Xbox, I'm your guy.