Tonight’s report

So today I saw the season premier of Lost and it was great, I can't wait until next week. Also saw Survivor which was pretty good. That Rita thing, or whatever it is, ya, so that is supposed to be kinda big, I guess... But seriously, Galvaston is uh, not going to enjoy this little storm. Has anybody seen the iPod Nano spoof? It is very funny, it's just like the commercial (they must have gotton made fun of so much that they changed their dancing silhoutte commercials) although they used a Macintosh Classic II. If you haven't seen it you have to (it's in Dig). Ok, Adult Swim got kicked out of the Friday night scheduling... This is bad and Family Guy, Futurama and Aqua Teen Hungar Force (ATHF) is good. Thankfully you can download these episodes on their website.

I need to go, sorta...
Quote o' ye day: "We only die because we accept death as an inevitability"
-Stewie Griffin