xBox mod

.........The story.........

.........The Fix.........

.........The Steps.........

  • Downloaded 007 game save hack.
  • Copy hack to mem stick and then transfer to subject xbox HDD.
  • Booted to 007 game, loaded hack as a saved mission, and booted into EvoX.
  • Put xbox on the network and let DHCP take care of the IP.
  • Make backups of software.
  • FTP'd the original C and E drive out for safe keeping.
  • MAKE SURE TO BACKUP MOD. Even though you don't have one at this time this step is important to create the eeprom.bin file.
  • Install the softmod. I don't believe this is 100% necessary. I'll know for sure next time.
  • Remove the original HDD, place in a anti-static bag, and put into the safe for future generations to enjoy.
  • Download xboxhdm and extract.
  • Place your backed up C and E drive in the C and E folder of xboxhd.
  • Place your eeprom.bin in the eeprom folder of xboxhd.
  • Run the bat file to create your iso image of xboxhdm.
  • Burn xboxhd to cd.
  • Install blank large HD into a surrogate PC as a primary master.
  • Boot to xboxhdm.
  • Type xboxhd.
  • Choose #1 then choose #1 again. This will drag you through the rebuild of your blank drive. Just follow directions.
  • Choose #6 to Generate HD key.
  • Reboot with the xboxhdm disk.
  • Chose #3.
  • Type lockhd -a
  • At this point you have an upgraded and modded xbox HDD.
  • Put HDD back into xbox and boot. If all went well you'll boot right into EvoX.
  • Start loading it up with stuff...