Small World

The world is a very small place. This morning Rachel called me. On what would have been our 14th Wedding Anniversary none the less (Happy Anniversary Rachel :)), and asked "Do you remember who introduced us?" Well of course I did, I couldn't think of her name right off but I could picture her like I'd seen her just yesterday. Her name was Michelle. "Yeah" I said. "Do you know who she is?" she asked. "Well of course I do, I think, but if you're asking then I guess I don't. Who is she?" She paused and then said "She was Ed's sister." Ed is her current boyfriend. That's pretty strange. I think if I was going out with the brother of the person that introduced me to my ex-husband I'd think that might weird me out a bit. The sad part is that Michelle was killed a few years back.

P.S. Night race this weekend. Don't forget and miss it.