Gotta have priorities

That's right you have to have priorities. Last night the power went off here at the house. I'd only been in bed about thirty minutes when it went off. So of course when the fan went off I woke up right away. I got up and managed to find the number to the electric company and give them a call. Then I rummaged through the garage and found my jump starting battery thingy. Took that sucker into my bedroom along with my power converter out of the truck. So now I have a small amount of electrical power. Hummmm... what should I plug into it. My alarm clock, a light, maybe the refrigerator, NO. The answer is my fan of course. I was a little concerned that I couldn't turn it on high. It pulled to much power and tripped the converter so I had to run it on low. I was rather surpized I got an hour and a half outta that little battery. That also meant I got a little sleep as well. It finally ran the battery down and stopped but it was better than nothing. Ya know, as much as the power goes out here, you'd think I'd just bite the bullet and go down and buy a generator. I think next time it goes out I might go get one.