Bike Night

So last night I did the bike night thing. We went out to Sonic in Garland. Hung out there for a couple of hours. There were somewhere between 250 and 300 bikes there. Parked right next to us was an original condition, and very much used, Triumph 750 Bonneville. I don't know what year but I'd guess it was a late 60's model. I'm thinking something like that would be great to have as a second bike to restore. After that we went out to Luna to watch the races, but for some reason there wasn't but about 40 or 50 people out there. I don't know if the cops had already been there or not. We decided we'd ride out to 30 and see if they were racing out there. There was only 4 or 5 people there so we just decided to head back to the house. In any case I got almost 100 miles in and the weather was just perfect for it. It was in the 70's by the time I got back to the house at midnight.

UPDATE: Here the pics

On an unrelated note, the other day I was nearly involved in a NASCAR style blow out on my way to work. I was in traffic behind this cement truck, as I ALWAYS am, and everything seemed normal. I was two or three car lengths behind him when all of a sudden, with out any warning his rear inside tire explosively blew out. It was very loud. There were things flying all over. For starters there was lots of dust and dirt blowing around since we were in the middle of a construction area. I couldn't even see the truck. I immediately jammed on the brakes cuz I didn't want to plow into the truck. I know I saw a large piece of hardened cement fly by, as well as one of the mud flaps. As the dust cleared I started see the real damage. The tire was completely missing, the tire next to it was still inflated but the rim was definitely bent as it was wobbling down the road. The mud flap was of course missing and the fender was just barely still attached and mangled beyond recognition. The water hose they use to clean up had been torn off and was being dragged behind. I couldn't tell but it looked like the chute the cement comes down was knocked off its hinges as well. Needless to say all he could do is stop and get out and look at it. At this point, let the traffic jam begin. I check out my truck and to my amazement I don't think I got hit by anything. It was just luck that there was no oncoming traffic either cuz that could have gotten real bad in a hurry. Anyway, that was my blow out story...