Eat Parking Lot

I know, it’s been a while since I posted. Other than my amazing vacation I haven’t had a lot of things to say, good or bad. Well today was a little different.

This morning I came into the office a little early. I had a security meeting first thing and I didn’t want to be late. I went into Belinda’s office just to verify what the meeting was about so I could be prepared. While talking to her someone said “Who’s that looking at Greg’s bike?”. I don’t really know who said it but I do remember it being said. As soon as I look out the window I noticed two guys. One in a green shirt, the other in a red shirt. Both were white guys. It’s not unusual to see people out looking at your bike. That happens all the time. This was different. One was behind the bike a bit as if to jump on it. The other was doing something between the forks. It only took a split second for me to realize what was going on.

I ran down the isle and out the back door. I didn’t say anything to anybody on my way but by the time I got to the back door Mark was right behind me and Greg was just a couple of steps behind him. We ran full speed out the back door and down the hall. Mark and I went out the back of the building while Greg turned the corner and went out the front. This way if they ran that either of those two directions we’d have them. So out of the building we went.

As soon as we rounded the corner heading for the bike they noticed us coming and took off running. Greg and Mark chased the guy in the green shirt, I chased the guy in the red shirt. After a short distance they split up and the green guy headed for the parking lot while the red guy headed for an open field. I’m not exactly a world class track and field champion or anything so it didn’t take me long to figure out that I would never catch the red guy. I took notice of every thing about him I could and then headed back to help Greg and Mark. Greg had the green guy around the waist and Mark was punching and kicking him as hard as he could. The guy wouldn’t go down. When I got there I kicked his feet out from under him sending them all to the ground. He was continuing to fight back and attempt to get away. I , very carefully :) , stepped on his neck and head to pin him down so Greg and Mark could get a good grasp on him.

Greg finally got him in a pretty secure head lock. I piled on his lower body to hold him down. Mark then ran to get his car to chase the red guy. As he arrived with his car, Vernon had found his way down. They both jumped into Marks car and went to hunt the red guy down.

It was at this time, with both Greg and the green guy bleeding and tired, that I managed to get 911 on the phone. The only thing I could remember to tell them is our address so they could start to get the police headed this way, and the description of the red guy. I really didn’t want him to get away, but physically there wasn’t any way for me to get him. I stayed on the phone with 911 providing info for the 7 or 8 minutes until the cops got there. At one time during this “quiet time” the green guy kept saying he wasn’t going to run and we could let up on him. I sternly told Greg not to loosen a bit until the cops got here. He then said he couldn’t breath and was going to pass out. I told him that he put his self in this position and he needed to deal with it. Greg isn’t as much of an ass as I am so he said that he would let him breath a little bit but if he even moved the slightest that a world of hurt was about to come upon him.

The cops arrived and put another boot to the back of the guys head and jacked him up as they cuffed him. By this time of course all the fight was out of him and he was very cooperative. By this time Mark and Vernon arrived back at the office with no luck in finding the other piece of shit. The scene was littered with pieces of this guy. His hat was here, his shoe was there, and there were tools and wire cutters lying around as well. Nothing was touched to give the police the best chance at getting them.

We had to all give statements and finger prints were taken. They had noticed that we had taken it “lightly” on the guy. Last time they had said that if they were stealing our property we could do just about anything to protect it. They suggested beating them until we were tired. You may have noticed that I said last time. This exact same thing happened with Vernon’s bike two weeks ago. Except his had $2400 worth of damage done to it.