The system in action

So earlier this week I had Jury Duty. I never even though I'd ever have Jury Duty. It never crossed my mind. I didn't want to do it. I thought of every way to get out of it and there wasn't any. I guess I could have lied in the interviews but I didn't really want to do that. I wanted a legitamate way out. I soon realized that there wasn't one so I just accecpted the fact that I was going to have to sit on a jury. Luckily I got on a short case. It ended up being only two days. Now even though I didn't want to do it, it was very stressful, and not any fun at all, I'm glad I did it. I did find it interesting on how the legal system works. I didn't realize how tuff it would be to write the word guilty on that little slip of paper, but it was.