Motley Crue is, well, still Motley Crue

So as you may have noticed I saw Motley Crue last night. It was a really good concert. We had really bad seats but there aren't too many super terrible seats in the Nokia Live, Next Stage, in Grand Prairie. It started out the audio was pretty bad. Either they fixed it during the show or I just got better at listening to it. The show itself was pretty good. It wasn't great, it wasn't terrible. Just kind of middle of the row. But that didn't matter cuz it was FREAKIN MOTLEY CRUE. We did get treated to a solid 10 minutes of Tommy Lee and his "Boob-Cam". That was rather entertaining. :) They really haven't lost anything over the years, and I want to thank them for only playing two new songs. Everything else was old school stuff. Only thing we missed was smokin in the boys room. I don't know why they didn't play that one. Anyway, I gotta t-shirt so I'm all good.