Christmas List

It is getting kind of late, but for those of you last-minute shoppers who might want to get me a gift or recommend another of getting me such a gift I have compiled a list for YOU. I don't want much, but what I do want is nice... For one, I would like a Wacom pad (or a product of similar function)... For two, I would like an iPod (not a SHUFFLE) but I would preferrably want a Video, although if not, a Nano will do just about the same (any color is fine with me). By the way, I will be entering a contest soon, which will be over on the 15th, that will give first place a Video iPod and second place a Nano iPod... For three, I would absolutely enjoy having a PSP. That would be very cool... For four, I would like a XBox 360, although because of the them being so rare to find at a reasonable price, I would consider this gift a little out of the picture (but it sure would be nice).

Gatowag Tip of the Day: If you ever find yourself in the situation where you have two moniters and need to switch them, you might come to find an issue. You might have something "restored" and not in the maximized position, but it is on the side of a moniter that used to be there, so now it just dissapears everytime you "restore" it. If this ever happens to you, right click the button on the bar on the bottom, then the cursor will move to one side of one of your moniters. Although if you just try to drag it over, it won't work. Once the cursor is activated, press one of the arrow keys on your keyboard... this will automatically attach whatever you are trying to move to your cursor. Then you move your cursor to where ever you want the application to be, and click your mouse to drop it. Problem solved!