My Weekend

So this is my weekend. I haven't ran the T-Maxx in almost a year. So needless to say the gas had all evaporated leaving just the caster oil behind. It was pretty much all gel. I had to start with the gas tank, then the lines, then the engine. I had to clean and strip pretty much everything. After about 4 hours I finally got it started. Took another hour to get it tweaked up enough to stay running. Late last night I put in another two hours to get it to shift outta reverse and into forward. This afternoon it was another 3 or 4 hours getting it to shift into high gear from low. So needless to say I've spent quite a bit of time on it this weekend. It's still needs quite a bit of tweaking, but I think I'm getting it close to drivable once again. After I get this finished, I think I'll tackle the Big Stik Airplane. It hasn't been nearly as long so it should be pretty easy compared to the T-Maxx.