By tomarrow I will more than likely have two edited pictures (thanks to Photoshop) to show you... My changes that are made to the pictures, shows dramatic affect in the look to the picture. Just heard Diggnation episode #17, it was pretty good. I'm starting to learn alot in Photoshop, but on an unrelated topic, I will need to start making a christmas list. All's I have to say is, watch Call For Help, and you'll learn some stuff (on G4 every weekday at 8:00 a.m.). I recently got my grades from school in the mail... They are recorded as the following.

Algebra 1- 96, Social Studies- 90, Yearbook- 94, Art- 96, English- 93, Science- 99

Gatowag Tip of the Day: Some say, "Money doesn't grow on trees!", but what do they know? I say that we all get together, and grow MONEY TREES. That's right, money trees. Genetically altered trees that not only grow the essentials needed to make money, but already in the form of dollar bills. We might have to spend billions in research, but in the end, it will all be worth it.