So today, me and dad saw "Doom" the movie... It could have been better than it was, although I guess it could have been worse. There was a scene where you saw everything in first person, it was kind of cool for a little bit, although it got a little old after a while. All in all, it was an adequate movie. I think Doom deserves a 3..............out of 5 (see I did Adam Sessler's trademark). Yesterday I started to make "Addiction", it looks promising if I actually knew what is going to be involved in the game. It is Gatowag's very first production. It'll probably have poor production value, but that is almost expected from a first try. I think a new Gatowag logo might be in the distant future, mabye a little more complex, mabye not.

Gatowag Tip of the Day: When using Altoids, it is not recomended to swallow whole... Suprisingly, swallowing them whole will not make your breath smell better in any way.