Tonight’s story might air tomorrow

Alright, so my website will soon be under construction and will be much improved and will have a completely new design with a different interface. This can't start until dad's work is finished moving, but I don't mind waiting for a while. My % fat is down to about a 4 since the last time I checked, which is extrememly low, and my % body water is up to about a 78 since the last time I checked. Although I only weigh an exact 100 pounds, atleast figuring the actual weight of fat and water is very easy to determine now. The title, "Tonight's story might air tomorrow" was chosen because I'm writing this Sunday night, although I don't know if dad will get to it tonight or tomorrow (and if your ready this it's either, not Sunday the 16th of October, or you just don't really have anything that you could possibly be doing... at all). For the record, History is to no use for anyone I know. It might be the things that have happened in order for things that now happen, but that was the past and we live in the present (in some cases the future). History classes cause people to throw-up, on multiple occasions, and is just downright EVIL. On another note, because of the fact that there haven't been any Gatowag tips of the day in a while, I thought I would tell you now.

Friday's- Don't eat people! Cannibalism=B-A-D (for most religions)

Saturday's- Mostly anybody knows that wearing black makes most look thinner... White goes with everything, but gets dirty easily... Yellow is an optimistic color and speeds up metabolism... Although a fact that a lot of people don't know is that the color Orange, actually makes you look "overweight". This has been proven in psychological tests involving color.

Sunday's- Sometimes you need stuff to do just to do it and look like you have a life. Although we all know that you don't, there are ways to do useless tasks throughout the day that might make people think that you have something to do. For one instance, today I was "cleaning" the house on acount that the cleaning people are coming tomorrow. So I had actually done some cleaning, but then I became bored so I turned on all three of our tvs to the same channel so that I could be in most rooms and see the same thing. Then I became very productive (I do my best work when I am bored), I saw dad's closet full of dirty clothes. I started to organize the clothes, then I folded them and placed them in seperate piles. By doing this, some would think that I went to extraordinarily unnecessary lengths to get things done, but I didn't really try to do anything.