New news

Alright, so I haven't posted in forever... but that might change sometime, just don't know when. So Gatowag will have a website in no time, and I'm thinking that "no time"= about a month or two. I had made a concept logo for Gatowag over the weekend. I haven't known how to work Photoshop for a long time so my work isn't to awfully great, but it'll do. Gatowag tip of the day (that's right, for the DAY, could be toDAY or yesterDAY, mabye even the DAY after tomarrow): If anybody is looking for a house to settle down in and mabye start a family in, I think I might have seen some premium discounts in a housing developement in Chernobyl. On the down side, there aren't many neighbors anymore... -Brandt Hughes, President and active member