More Cams

So I'm still looking at these cams. Here's a interesting one I found. Bar Cam. It appears to be at a bar in the Neatherlands somewhere. It's definatly in the Central European Time zone. So if your in CST zone like myself you need to add 7 hours. BTW, the clock on the cam in 1 hour off. Daylight savings time is getting to them. So check it out during the day otherwise they'll be closed and you probably won't see much.

Normally a cam like this wouldn't interest me, but I just thought the waitresses were funny. They wear little skimpy bikinis along with theses great big furry boots. Understand it's the Neatherlands, you might want to keep your feet warm, but then you have the bikinis. I'd think you'd want to keep all the fun bits warm too! Anyway, just something to pass the time.