A hour in the life of……

So many wonder, "Will, your an exciting kind of guy, what's your life like?" Well here's how last night went.

9:03pm..... Brandt and I have been listening to our MP3's on iTunes.... Listening to mostly to one of my favorite punk bands "Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies". That's right, I said it, punk band. So we started searching them out on the internet.

9:11pm..... We started downloading a couple of free sample MP3's from a site. We downloaded a song called "Science Fiction".

9:13pm..... As soon as we listened to this MP3 we realized we knew the song from someplace, but couldn't think of where. We tried to just let it go, but were unable to.

9:15pm..... At this point we are feverishly searching our minds for where we had heard this song before. Thinking, other bands, movies, TV shows, or little mechanical monkeys playing the tune out with their little cymbals, ya know, normal things like that.

9:33pm..... Finally, I remembered. It was either the opening or closing credits of "Rocky Horror".

9:36pm..... Still can't decide if it was the opening, or the closing credits.

9:37pm..... Now we are looking for my copy of RHPS. It's no where to be found. I know I burned a copy of it and there should only be a couple of places where it might be. The office area, or in my CD rack in the living room. Nope, neither.

9:45pm..... Still looking.

9:51pm..... Finally, I found it stuck with another DVD in the incorrect case. Ok, now we have the DVD. Come to find out it's not the opening OR the closing credits, it's BOTH.

9:52pm...... Now we start alternating playing them back and forth. Listening to one, and then the other. Trying to determine if they are the same. It's really hard to tell.

9:59pm..... Still trying to decide if it was the same song. It's not easy to tell. One is just about double speed the other. One punk, the other very smooth and middle of the road. So it was pretty tuff to tell, but after writing out all the lyrics they are the same song, just different.

That's one hour. We are a pretty exciting bunch of bachelors, aren't we? Now just multiply that by 23 and you have a day that.... ummmmm..... well, you have a day anyway.