XBox Hack

So Kevin Rose's article convinced me that I really needed to hack an Xbox. Ya know since I've hacked like half the appliances and machines in my house it's time to add one more to the list. I thought about hacking one of my other Tivo's, got 3 of them now, but that's old stuff now. What I've decided to do is a chipless mod on an Xbox. Many of the other hacks on the Xbox require to you add a mod chip. Some of these are soldier on but many of the new ones are just a contact connection rather than soldier. I'm sure I could handle either one of those types of mod's but I figured that many people would be more comfortable with something that is software only. Plus there is something about they way the hack is performed. This is the sort description of the hack. First you purchase a Xbox, by Microsoft. Then you pruchase MechAssault, by Microsoft. Then you order a free usb keyboard adapter for Fantasystar Online, by Microsoft. Are you starting to see a pattern here. :) From that point it's just a bit of software. You use a hack on the audio system to access the Xbox at a level lower than the default xbox software.

I'm just about to a point of getting ready to try this. I purchased the Mechassault over the weekend. It was $12.99. Two weeks ago I ordered the fantasy star online adapter from Microsoft. It was just under $7 for shipping and handling. I have downloaded all the software and read all about the procdure. I'm using a bastardized version of the hack instuctions. I hope it works. I'm basicly changing the way I get parts of the software to the Xbox. It should work just as normal but saves me from purchasing another piece of software. As soon as I get the adapter I'll be ready and then at that point I'll go purchase the Xbox. I didn't want to get it early and then get attached to it and not wanna take the change of the hack.

Anyway, wish me luck and I'll let you know how things turn out...