New Toy

Here is a link to my newest toy.... Tape Management. This is a development version were I'm developing the application for work. It should be pretty much fully functional except for the phpmyadmin link. That link does work on the production server but not here on my hosting service. Pretty much 98% of all the code is mine. I borrowed code and then modified it for the calendar but even then I re-wrote large portions of that as well. At work we do nightly backups on all of our servers. These backups use many, many tapes. We store these tapes off site at Iron Mountain for a period of time. It we ever needed to restore any data, I should say when we need to restore, we have to know where the tape that has that data is. Basicaly this application tracks if the tape is in house, offsite, or retired. It also tracks when the tape is due to be returned whether it's a month, a year, or permanently offsite. It notifies you when a tape is overdue as well. It stores info on the particular transaction of the tape and it also stores info particular to that tape and is carried over the life of the tape. I'm currently in the process of stream lining the workflow and some of the code. Making this a little more user friendly. I'll be adding help and documentation at a little later date. As of right now it all works as advertised but I'm still tweaking things so don't be shocked if something doesn't work. Feel free to play with it and please let me know if you receive any kinds of errors.